Moving to Bulgaria – Transport

If you choose to drive in Bulgaria, you can use your international licence for up to one year. However, after 12 months you will need to apply for a Bulgarian license. The drink-driving limit in Bulgaria is practically zero; It’s best to abstain completely if you’re planning on getting behind the wheel!

The quality of the roads can be variable in Bulgaria, with some well-maintained but others in a poorer state of repair. It’s common for there to be no lane markings. Bulgarians drive on the right side of the road, but they also tend to be slightly reckless with high speeds and sudden lane changes with no indication.

In rural areas, expect to see animals on the road, including horses and carts travelling alongside the sleek, modern cars.

As driving in Bulgaria can be quite different, many individuals opt to use the public transport available. There are buses as well as trains; narrow gauge trains, with a lower capacity, may serve smaller locations.

Trains can often become quite crowded so bus travel is often preferable. The private operators who run these buses ensure that they are spacious and provide a comfortable travelling experience.

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