Removals to Bulgaria are becoming more and more popular. Since it joined the EU, this beautiful Slavic country has been a huge hit with expats from all over the world. There are still a few matters to consider before you set off, including the “small” matter of the language and somewhere to live.

Located in southeastern Europe, moving to Bulgaria can take a little longer than areas in the west of the continent. Using an experienced international moving company will help you to navigate the paperwork and provide valuable advice. This will be even more beneficial for Bulgaria due to its more remote location, and former stance as a Soviet Bloc nation.

You will only have three months to import your household goods after the date you move to Bulgaria so it’s important not to hang around when making arrangements. The Customs rules for the country are broadly the same as you’ll find elsewhere; items such as knives, drugs, pornography and fireworks are all prohibited. Any items which damage the ozone layer are specifically excluded.

Whether you chose our Load & Go or our EasyMoves solution, European Moving can help you with your removal to Bulgaria. We shall be able to provide advice on a whole range of removal issues you may not have encountered before.

Moving to Bulgaria – Visa

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The Bulgarian visa requirements match those of the EU since it joined the union in 2007. As such, EU members and selected other countries do not require visas to enter the country for a short-term visit.

If you wish to extend your stay beyond three months, you will need to apply for a residence permit. You will also need to register your presence with the police.

Moving to Bulgaria – Transport

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If you choose to drive in Bulgaria, you can use your international licence for up to one year. However, after 12 months you will need to apply for a Bulgarian license. The drink-driving limit in Bulgaria is practically zero; It’s best to abstain completely if you’re planning on getting behind the wheel!

The quality of the roads can be variable in Bulgaria, with some well-maintained but others in a poorer state […]

Moving to Bulgaria – Healthcare

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Healthcare provisions in Bulgaria depend very much on whether you are living in an urban or rural area. Those living in the city benefit from modern, clean and well-equipped hospitals and have a plentiful supply of highly-skilled doctors and nurses. Bulgaria spends around 4.2% of GDP on its health service and produces 1.8 doctors per 1,000 residents, a ratio which is better than in many other European countries.

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