Moving to Norway – Transport

Many people who move abroad expect to drive in their new country. It’s worth considering this in more detail if you are going to be moving to Norway.

The roads are excellent and well-maintained, but the weather can have a significant effect. Driving in heavy snow and ice takes practice and makes travelling by car difficult during the winter months. Furthermore, while the south has an extensive road network, the north of the country is mountainous and the roads much smaller. They can get severely backlogged at peak periods so plan and allow extra time to get to your destination.

In direct contrast, public transport is efficient and comfortable, and there’s a variety to choose from.

Norway lies on the coast which means ferries are a common way to travel for longer journeys, either from one end of the country to the other or surrounding nations.

Each of the counties in Norway is responsible for its bus services, but you will find both local and national coverage in the main cities. There is also an extensive train network; You will see all information relating to schedules at the Norwegian State Railway. Norway also has a metro system plus trams too, with departures very regularly throughout the hour.

Public transport isn’t particularly cheap within Norway, but it’s safe, clean and reliable. To make the cost more affordable, buy some tickets in advance rather than pay for each journey.

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