Moving to Sweden – Transport

If you decide to drive in Sweden, you will find a very good road network. Driving is not on the right-hand side, and you must use dipped headlights at all times. Fail to do so and you will receive an on-the-spot fine, like for any minor infraction.

Trams have right of way over cars. You must also give way to the right unless signs tell you otherwise. Swedish police are quite strict with speed limits too.

Swedes use their extensive public transport system frequently. While only Stockholm has an underground (Stockholms Tunnelbana, or Tbana), many towns have a tram network and a good bus service. Most cities in Sweden have their own local bus and train services which are often operated under the same ticket system called Lanstrafiken. Just as Stockholm has the Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL), the operator for the bus and rail systems, Gothenburg has the Vasttrafik, and Malmo and Skane have the Skanetrafiken.

For Stockholm, you can purchase an SL Access card that you can use for the metro, rail and bus services. The card can be bought from a “pressbyran”(newsstand), inside commuter train stations, or at the Arlanda airport upon arrival for 20 SEK. Like London’s Oyster card, you can re-use it and top it up from the various metro and train stations. Remember to top up your card travelling by bus since you can not buy a ticket once onboard.

You can book taxis by phone, or take one from a taxi rank or even hail it in the street. Swedish taxis often run at fixed prices rather than using a meter, Therefore, you should check with your driver how much the journey will cost before you get into the vehicle. Taxis taken from Stockholm Arlanda airport to Stockholm centre are fixed at 520 SEK (around €57).

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