Moving to Sweden – Where to live

There is a very diverse landscape in Sweden with stunning scenery and many rural areas. However, the majority of people moving to Sweden opt to live in one of the main cities, or close by.


As the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm is one of the most popular areas for people to move to. If you don’t have a job that you’re moving to, Stockholm is the place where you are the most likely to find a job quickly. The employment and housing market are buoyant here, and there are plenty of opportunities for newcomers.

The set-up of Stockholm is extremely unusual as it spreads over 14 smaller islands which lie within the Baltic Sea. The architecture in this city is stunning. There is always something to see or do, with museums, restaurants and bars aplenty.


Malmo lies on the southernmost tip of Sweden. It offers an exciting alternative to those who don’t want to move to the capital. Lying just 30 minutes from the Danish capital of Copenhagen, it’s more accessible and has a diverse culture and very welcoming ambience. This city has a very hip vibe and is the place to go if you like music concerts. For this reason, it’s often very popular with younger visitors and students.


Gothenburg lies slightly north of Malmo, once again in the southern area of Sweden. Often described as a progressive city, it offers a range of experiences and landscapes including the west coastline, green open spaces and cosmopolitan city life.

It’s also an area of many cultures, with big film festivals taking place here plus other art and music events. Around 20% of the population is from overseas, making this a very welcoming place for newcomers to Sweden.


Back in the north of the country, Umeå lies on the Gulf of Bothnia and is a particularly picturesque spot. With a top university and considered to be the regional centre in the north of the country, it’s a famous city for students and locals alike.

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